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I graduated from high school (Liceo Artistico) in Turin in 1974, where the curriculum was a balance of accademia, architecture and painting. My career started with figurative painting, inspired by the great masters of the past but then quickly moved on to illustration and graphics, first as a freelancer and then as art director of important advertising agencies.

In 2005 I returned to artistic research, initial studies and sketches, early coloured layered fabrics and the first mummies.

Rather than the mystical and the mysterious, I was more intrigued by the formal aspects, such as understanding at which point the layers that cover a mummy can reveal the real shape of the person or the animal. It was also important to me to understand position and dimension, which in my view also becomes a way of representing reality.

In this way the first mummified objects were created: common objects such as a bottle, a book, a slice of watermelon, or alternatively animals that maintain their form and structure. “Vivid” animals that piece by piece emerge from the layers of fabric that contain and constrict them.


The curious and intriguing mummified paintings of Franco Bolzoni.
A graduate of the Liceo Artstico, Bolzoni worked for a long period in the field of illustration and publication as art director of the Armando Testa advertising agency, while in the late seventiees exhibited his classically figurative works in the Gallery Quaglino in Turin. His current focus is the research around mummies, a universe of images concealed by layers, of a reality hidden from the observer but almost certainly mysterious, and sometimes subtly unnerving:
" Representing any object", suggests the painter, "from an animal to a slice of watermelon, without revealing the object's colours, shape or form, creates significant spaces of freedom that imagination must necessarily fill".

It is the freedom of imagination that unites the shape of a green fish to that of a blue bottle or to a small orange cup. In this way golden shoes, grey stones, a fountain pen and an open book wrapped in layers of fabric, become chapters of a story which flows in a sort of journey between imagination, dream and the flowering forms of objects.

Angelo Mistrangelo La Stampa 17-12-2007


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